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Ray R. Tyndale

Genres: (Auto) Biography, Australiana, Erotic, Essays/Articles, Internet/Web, Literary Fiction, Poetry, Radio, Women's,

Availability: Mentoring, Readings, School Visits,

Ray is a poet and writer, who mainly writes about women and also rural issues. A good speaker and performer, Ray has been a farmer, psychotherapist, economist, and bookbinder and is multi-skilled and rich in experience. Old and reasonably wise. Considerable experience in mentoring and copy editing.

Ray’s publications include:

Sleeping Under a Grand Piano, Wakefield   Press 1999
Friendly Street New Poets Six, Wakefield Press, 2000
Pastorale, Unbridled Tongues Press, 2004
maiden voyage, Unbridled Tongues Press, 2005
Farmwoman, Wakefield Press, 2007
Sappho at Sixty, Picaro Press, 2007
Reflections, Unbridled Tongues Press, 2012
A Café Poet, Wakefield Press, 2013
Homecoming, Unbridled Tongues Press, 2013
Centipoesie One, Unbridled Tongues Press 2015
Centipoesie Two and Three, ditto 2016, and Four in press
Collected Volume 1, Unbridled Tongues Press, 2016, and Volume 2 in press


Books Published

Café Poet

Wakefield Press

Adelaide - 2013


Unbridled Tongues Press

- 2012