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Here are a list of our information sheets that will help you perfect your craft. Keep an eye on this site as more become available.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Revising and Rewriting
  3. Publishing and Polishing Short Stories
  4. Polishing and Publishing Poetry
  5. Getting Published
  6. Vanity Publishers
  7. Publishing Children’s Books and YA
  8. Screenwriting
  9. Literary Agents
  10. Self Publishing
  11. Epublishing
  12. Self Promotion
  13. Contracts & Obtaining Advice
  14. Copyright
  15. Book Launches
  16. For Young Writers (Under 13)
  17. For Young Writers (13-18)
  18. For Young Writers (18-26)
  19. For Indigenous Writers

Available Resources

Getting Started

Are you completely new to writing?

Southern Write Magazine, June 2014

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