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The SA Writers Centre has been hugely instrumental in the development of my career. During my early years as an emerging writer, the SA Writers Centre enabled my introduction to South Australia’s literary community through the various events and workshops it held. The importance of this should not be underestimated. Many other South Australian writers – particularly those in rural areas – have since spoken to me about how encouraging and supportive they find this link to a writing community.

My first opportunities for publication were initially brought to my attention through contact with the Centre via its newsletter, which I also regard as a source of support, advice and information about local literary achievement. Some early employment as a teacher was made possible by hosting SA Writers Centre workshops. The biggest ‘break’ in my career – winning the Writing Australia Unpublished Manuscript Award – was directly enabled through SA Writers Centre’s facilitation of that award, as was my consequent mentorship with author Geraldine Brooks.

SA Writer Centre’s commitment and dedication to supporting South Australian writers in a changing and, at times, intimidating literary industry cannot be taken for granted. In order for South Australian writers to flourish, the SA Writer Centre must be protected and similarly supported.

Hannah Kent


As a member of SAWC for over 25 years I have seen many changes at the Centre, but the one constant throughout this time has been the support offered to writers – new and old – no matter the genre or publication path. My own story commenced in early 1993 with the romance writing group: advertised via the Centre’s newsletter. Through SA Writers Centre and the romance writers, I realised professional publication of my books, within Australia and internationally. That publishing path is still continuing. Many of my books were launched at the SA Writers Centre with the assistance and enthusiasm of staff. If not for the Centre, I would not have had access to many opportunities—some of which have been milestones in my career. Our association has been a two-way street, though. I always find time to promote the Centre at any event I attend or organise. The Centre is a pivotal part of any writer’s career and I urge everyone to support the SA Writers Centre in whatever way they can.

Astrid Cooper


Thank you to Malcolm Walker for his funny and informative article in September’s  2013 issue of Southern Write on how to write a synopsis. After a prolonged period of procrastination vis-à-vis my own synopsis, I put Malcolm’s suggestions into action and, half an hour later, my draft was complete – one more reason why I’m a member of the SA Writers Centre.

Marianne Musgrove, children’s author


Thank you and the team for all of your support, the Centre really has been invaluable.

Kim Lock


You and your team are to be congratulated on the whole of the office complex. In addition to having a crisp, neat and professional feel, there is a welcoming friendliness and it feels like a sanctuary. And Steph is a great Office Manager! The website, Enews and Southern Write continue to be of high standard

Arthur G

The SA Writers’ Centre is an outstanding resource centre for writers in South Australia. Ever since I arrived in Adelaide fifteen years ago I have used their services. I have been on the SA Writers’ Centre board, I have met many interesting writers and I have delivered workshops to inspired and inspiring audiences. Whether you are an emerging writer looking for editing help and competitions, or an established writer wanting to share your knowledge, the SA Writers’ Centre is the perfect place for any writerly conversation. I can’t recommend the centre and its staff highly enough.

Anna Solding


Although only a member for a couple of years, I have been fortunate enough to get some work from the SA Writers Centre. For example, I was contacted through the website by Allan Roberts, who rode a motorbike for three years from the UK to Victoria, and ghost-wrote his autobiography, which will be published later this year. I was also referred by the SAWC for another ghost-writing/editing job (which would’ve been long-term and financially beneficial but the person concerned became ill). And I have conducted travel-writing workshops for the SAWC, and was offered a paid guest speaker spot at the Langhorne Creek Writers Festival in September 2013 on the recommendation of the SAWC.

Paul Greenway

All the best in your excellent, visionary and transformative work, which has elevated the Centre to a very high level of excellence.

Ranjit N. Ratnaike


Such a great organisation. So much help at hand and many opportunities to improve writing and marketing skills.

Pat Toomer


I enjoyed the YA/Writing for Children Bootcamp weekend very much. It was so valuable receiving information, guidance and encouragement from the authors who conducted the various sessions. Spending a time with other like minded people, all with a passion for writing is an experience I will long remember.

Julie M.

I really enjoy reading the newsletters and when I visit the Centre everybody is always so encouraging.

SA Writers Centre Member Survey 2015

The workshops and seminars are one of the best supports the centre offers, but I also have found the articles and advice in the newsletters helpful. The resources on the website are also great – being able to access things like that in one place makes things easier when organising the business of writing and submitting.

SA Writers Centre Member Survey 2015