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David Mortimer



 David Mortimer writes poetry to speak aloud and carry in the mind. His collection Magic Logic (Puncher & Wattmann 2012) is called 'a delightful book' by Judith Beveridge, who commends 'the sense of wonder', 'the imaginative play' and 'the vigour of the syntax'. Steve Evans talks of the 'spacious and musical poems in this impressive collection' and Bronwyn Lovell describes the poetry as 'linguistically arousing', a type of 'literary orgasm'. Mortimer's poems have been broadcast on PoeticA, Writers Radio and A Way with Words, and published widely in newspapers, journals, e-journals, collections and anthologies. He's had first-prize-winning poems in Salisbury Writing competition 2008, Poetry Unhinged 2005 and Gawler Poetry Cup 2003, and shortlisted poems for the Blake Poetry Prize 2009, the Newcastle Poetry Prize 2010, and the Montreal Poetry Prize 2011.


Latest Book:

Magic Logic
Puncher & Wattmann, Glebe, 2012
Magic Logic is suburban poetry. With recurrences of music, train-travel, bird-watching, sport, thought, sex and humour. Pre-occupied by belief, desire, cruelty and imagination.

'There is a terrific refinement of sensibility working in David Mortimer's poetry ... what struck me time and again was the acute and loving attention he pays to his syntax, to his diction, to the cadences of his lines. This is beautifully composed poetry ... the sense of wonder, the imaginative play, the strong yet mellifluous cadences, the poignant perceptions, the spirit of tenderness and lightness of touch, the vigour of the syntax all come beautifully alive in this poem called: no wonder ...' Judith Beveridge in Rochford Street Review (November 2013)

'Mortimer offers small but strong epiphanies in the shorter poems ... In all, the long line poems offer more pleasure and engagement when they are read aloud, as this stresses their rhythmic heart and discursive nature, whereas the short poems' success hinges more critically on the precision of the images. Each approach has its impressive moments in this collection.' Steve Evans in Transnational Literature (May 2013)

'When reading a poetry collection, if I'm lucky, there might be one or two moments that catch my breath – when a poet's particular insight or phrasing is so profound that it invokes a special kind of magic – delivering a rush of emotion that makes me gasp. I might describe this sensation as a literary orgasm, and David Mortimer's Magic Logic as linguistically arousing. It consistently surprised and delighted me. I was oohing and ahhing at almost every second page.' Bronwyn Lovell in Lip Verse (August 2013)

Other Books:

Red in the Morning

Bookends Books (distributed by Wakefield Press), Adelaide, 2005
Fine Rain Straight Down in Friendly Street New Poets 8: Barker, Driver & Mortimer
Wakefield Press, Adelaide, 2003


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